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Trusted Pool table Movers

Pool tables are extremely heavy and difficult to move. Let us do that heavy work for you.

You can trust your treasured pool table to the professionals at Associated Billiards.

Rather than trying to move your table in one piece, which could damage it, we will expertly dismantle your table and reassemble it for you.

Contact us today to get a quote.

Pool Table Assembly / disassembly

Assembling and disassembling your pool table is also a complex task. The experts at Associated Billiards can do this for you. You can watch the videos below to see what is involved in properly putting a pool table together.

Pool Table Re-cloth

Is it time to replace your cloth?

We offer two types of cloth in a number of beautiful colours and we will do the reclothing for you.

We have the largest selection of pool table cloth colours of anyone in the business, so you can choose the colour that is right for you.

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Napped Cloth

Napped cloth is woven with thread made up of long and short fibers twisted together to make billiard cloth that has a fuzzy surface.


The thicker weave allows chalk dust to settle in the cloth so your chalk marks are less visible.It is your least expensive option, but it does tend to pill, which can slow down your balls. 

Worsted Cloth

Worsted cloth is our upgraded quality cloth that is woven with thread that is combed to remove the short fibers. This makes the billiard cloth smoother and more consistent.

Worsted is more expensive, but it allows your balls to run faster with a consistent speed. Worsted cloth is more durable. Each thread is treated with
DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector to protect your investment from accidental spills

Pool Table Re-Cushioning

Is it time to re-cushion your bumpers? If you start to hear the sound of  the impact of your ball hitting the rail of your table instead of bouncing off the cushion, then you probably need to re-cushion your bumpers.


A high-quality pool table can last a lifetime, but you may need to get its bumpers replaced. We offer this billiard service for you at a reasonable rate.


What Our customers think...

“They are honest, fair, and persons with integrity. Rare qualities in this day and age… they took care and time to install the pool table. Again, it provides me a peace-of-mind of not running into future issues due to improper set up. By using their own employees for installation (and not hiring third party installers/movers), it shows me that “it’s not just about the sale but good customer service as well”. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would.”

-Alex Khuu

Associated Billiards: Pool table Movers You Can Trust

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