What Dart Board Measurements to Use When Hanging

If you are wondering what dart board measurements you should use when hanging up your dart board, here’s help. Click on each section to learn more.


1. Where to Hang Your Dart Board – Location, Floor Surface, Lighting

2. Official Dart Board Measurements
3. Tips for Mounting Your Dart Board
4. How to Mark Your Throwing Line


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Dart Board Measurements

1. Where to Hang Your Dart Board – Location, Floor Surface, Lighting

Discover the proper dart board measurements to use


Make sure you choose a location where there is plenty of room so that all players and others in the room to stand and stay clear of the throwing path. You should select a location that is away from any breakable object like televisions, computers, glassware, or windows.


You should also locate your dart board away from any stairways or doors where someone might unknowingly enter and accidentally walk into the path of the darts.


Putting down a protective covering on your flooring is a good idea for a couple of reasons.


1. Protect your floor:


If you have hardwood or other types of flooring that could get damaged by your dart tips, then puttting down a protective covering will keep this from happening.


2. Protect your dart tips:


If you have a concrete or other  hard surface flooring, your dart tips could get damaged if they fall on it.


Type of Covering:


Choose a thick mat that will be able to cushion your steel dart tips. A rubber or vinyl dart mat is your best option. If your room is carpeted, then you may not need to add a covering at all.


Dart Mats:


A dart mat is a mat made specifically for playing darts. It will not only protect your flooring and your darts, but it will also be made to fit into your throwing area and will have pre-printed toes lines for both soft and steel tipped dart games.


An additional advantage to investing in a dart mat is that you don’t have to physically mark lines on your flooring to indicate your dart board measurements for throwing. You can simply roll out your mat when you want to play and roll it back up and store it away when you are finished your game.


Install proper lighting so you can better see your dart board – Track Lighting Image: Home Depot

It is a good idea to have proper lighting for your dart board especially if your room is dark. You can simply mount a spotlight above you dartboard or install track lighting on the ceiling so you can direct the lights for the best effect.



If you use three lights on a track you can angle them in such a way as they overlap and criss cross to eliminate any shadows on the board. Make sure you install your lights in a location that will give plenty of clearance for your dart throwing arc.

2. Official Dart Board Measurements

Use official dart board measurements when hanging your board

The following dart board measurements are the official set-up for the standard dart board using steel tip darts. The dartboard set-up is used by the WDF (World Darts Federation), BDO (British Darts Organization), PDC (Professional Darts Council) and other official bodies.



Your dartboard should be hung 1.73m (5’8″) from the floor to the center of your board also called the bulls eye. It is a good idea to hang up your dartboard before measuring out your throwing line.



Note: The height of the board for wheelchair uses should be 137cm. 

Throwing Line Distance:


Your throwing line needs to be 2.37m (7’9 1/4″) away from the face of your dartboard. You need to measure from the face of your dartboard and not from the wall itself. Most dart boards are about 1 and a half inches thick, but you will also need to account for the thickness of your backing surface if you have one.


If your dart board is already in place, you can simply attach a  plumb line (string) from the centre of the bulls eye to the floor. You can then measure your throwing line distance from this string.

Diagonal Distance:


If you prefer, you can figure out where your throwing line should be by taking a diagonal measurement. Have a friend hold a tape measure at the center of the double bulls eye. You can then measure out 2.93m (9’7 1/2″) in a diagonal to the floor.


Note: the BDO World Championship  ladies throwing distance is the same as the men’s, however, many leagues may have different throwing leagues for ladies. 

Soft-tip Dart Board:


If you are using a soft-tip dart board, the measurements are slightly different and are as follows:


Height: 1.73m (5’8″)

Throwing Line Distance: 2.99m (9’9 3/4″)

Diagonal Distance: 2.44m (8’0″)

3. Tips for Mounting Your Dart Board

Dart board cabinets are a great and decorative backing for mounting your board

There are several ways you can mount your darts board. Here are some helpful tips.


Tip #1:


Use a backing surface instead of mounting your board directly on your wall.

Tip #2:

If you do mount your board directly on your wall, make sure you are mounting it into wood or concrete. Trying to mount it on drywall with heavy duty anchors is not recommended.

Over time the weight of the board combined with the pulling out of the darts will make this type of mounting unstable.

Tip #3:


Purchasing a dart board that comes in a cabinet is a great idea. It will give you a sturdy backing surface that you can mount to the wall and it can add extra decorative appeal to your room.

Tip #4:


If you choose to make your own backing for your dart board, you can use cork, plywood, or carpeting that you cover with a dark piece of fabric. You backing surface should be at least 3 square feet in size to accommodate both your board and any wayward darts.

4. How to Mark Your Throwing Line

Players need to stand behind the throwing line when they throw their darts

The throwing line in darts is also called the Oche. You pronounce it like you would the word hockey with the “h” sound. Players need to stand behind this line when they throw their darts. If you aren’t using a dart mat, you can mark this line with a wide piece of tape such as duct tape.


The tape needs to be durable enough to stand up to constant stepping on it and it needs to be able to stick to the type of flooring you have. The front edge of this tape needs to be placed where you marked out your throwing line distance from above.

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