Guide to Shuffleboard Accessories


Enhance your shuffleboard experience and add to your collection of shuffleboard accessories. In this blog post, Associated Billiards will review the following extra add-ons available for shuffleboards:



1. Score Unit

2. Light

3. Gutter Bumpers

4. Shuffleboard Bowling Pins

5. Extra Pucks

6. Other Items



Keep reading to learn more about all the fun accessories for your shuffleboard or Contact Associated Billiards today to speak with a staff member directly. 

Shuffleboard Accessories


Never forget the score again with Legacy’s electronic scoring unit. 


Attach this unit to the cabinet of your shuffleboard and easily keep score without any effort. 


It’s so easy to remember the score with this large screen display. 


A great add-on for kids and adults alike!


Play morning and night with shuffleboard lights!

Featuring an onyx finish, the wood canopy holds fluorescent lights 30 inches above the playfield.

Legacy’s shuffleboard light kit proudly displays the Legacy logo and easily attaches to the cabinets of the following shuffleboards:

Shed some light on your shuffleboard experience with this light kit!


Add another dimension of shuffleboard fun with Legacy’s shuffleboard gutter bumpers!


Suitable for any of Legacy’s shuffleboard tables, bumpers are wedged between the playfield and the inside wall of the shuffleboard cabinet. Pucks stay in play and players of any skill level can use them to develop new gliding techniques.


Gutter bumpers are made of solid hardwood, rubber cushions and a covering of thick black fabric to diminish noise. Also, no assembly is required with these shuffleboard accessories


Did you know that your shuffleboard can be used to play another great classic game? 


You can transform your shuffleboard table into a table for shuffleboard bowling with these unique shuffleboard accessories!


Throw a few strikes and enjoy some new family fun with these solid wood pins. All pins have a pin setter so they set up perfectly each time.


A must-have accessory! Learn more about Gaming On A Shuffleboard Table


If your existing pucks happen to break or get lost, it is handy to have some extra shuffleboard pucks on hand!


Legacy’s shuffleboard pucks are made from heat-treated hardened steel. They are then chrome-plated and polished for a beautiful finish. 


Designed for strength and durability, your friends and family will appreciate these high-quality shuffleboard pucks. 


Keep these shuffleboard accessories handy so you never miss a game!


Besides extra pucks and gutter bumpers, consider these other items to compliment the shuffleboard in your games room:



Certain shuffleboards are designed to match in colour and finish with certain fine furniture. For example, the Heritage and Sterling series offers various coordinating game tables and furniture! 


Ask an expert at Associated Billiards to learn more about all the furniture and accessories that match your desired shuffleboard table. 

Associated Billiards

No matter what you have in mind, Associated Billiards will provide you with high-quality shuffleboard accessories to enhance your gaming experience. Try something new like shuffleboard bowling or just work on building new skills with the addition of gutter bumpers. We have lots of recommendations! 


Friendly staff members will help answer your questions, offer you advice and show you Legacy’s best products at their showroom located in Guelph, Ontario. You can also browse our gallery here or visit our Facebook page!


Contact Associated Billiards today to find the perfect accessories for your shuffleboard.

I recently purchased a Classic Rylee table and accessories from Associated Billiards. The entire process from the table selection and pricing to delivery and set-up was exceptional! Bruce was knowledgeable and informative on the Legacy brand table and the options available. Very helpful; many suggestions; and absolutely no pressure.

Jim and Tom were very courteous and accommodating when they delivered and set-up the table. Provided table care instructions; took their time to ensure a good job; cleaned up everything; and even a ‘test’ game to ensure the table was level!

Overall an excellent business and people to deal with from start to finish including price and product quality. Top notch service and highly recommended! Totally satisfied with the table and service! – Sean L.