Pool Table: The Perfect Addition to Your Den or Games Room

If you are thinking about investing in a  pool table for your den or games room, here is some important information to consider. Click on each section to learn more.


1. Benefits of buying a pool table

2. How to incorporate your pool table in your room
3. Should you buy a new or used pool table?
4. Does quality really matter?


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1. Benefits of buying a pool table

pool table
A pool table can be the perfect addition to your den or games room

There are many great benefits to putting a pool table in your den or games room. Here are just a few.


Family heirloom:

If you purchase a quality-made, hardwood, slate pool table, it will last for many years to come. That way you can pass it down to the next generation for them to enjoy.


Classic unplugged source of fun:

Our society has become so wrapped up in electronic devices for amusement, that having an “unplugged” game is not only a refreshing change of pace, but it can be better for you health-wise. Too much screen time can cause many problems in both adults and children including:


* Obesity

* Trouble sleeping
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Chronic pain in your neck and back 


Investing in a pool table can be a great alternative to television, video games, and other electronic forms of entertainment.



Practice whenever you want:

practice pool
Enjoy playing pool whenever you want to

If you love to play pool, then having a table of your own means that you can practice and play whenever you want. You don’t have to go to a pool hall, arcade, or bar in order to enjoy a game.


Helps improve life skills:


The game of pool can help you improve and develop some great life skills including:



* Hand-eye coordination: you can develop you skills and improve your dexterity
* Healthy competition: learn the joys of competing with your friend over a game you love
* Geometry and physics: what angles to shoot and at what velocity
* Critical thinking and intuition: the more you play, the more you will improve


These are all great life skills to teach your children and they will have fun learning them.

2. How to incorporate your pool table in your room

Choose a table that fits the size and style of your room

Here are some tips to help you incorporate your pool table into your den or games room.


Use your space wisely:


A pool table is a wonderful addition to a den or games room, however, they will take up a large amount of space. You not only need to accommodate the size of the table, but you do need to have enough free space around your table to allow for your shots without having your cues hit a wall or other objects.


One space-saving idea is to purchase a table tennis conversion top. That way your pool table can be easily converted for a game of ping pong. It comes in two pieces with a padded backing that will not damage your pool table.


Another way to use your space wisely is by purchasing a drawer that attaches to the underside of your pool table to store all your pool accessories. When you are not using it, you simply tuck the drawer out of your way and out of sight.


Legacy Billiards has the first and only drawer of this kind and it will fit almost any brand of 7′, 8′, or 9′ pool table. It is called the Perfect Drawer and it is well worth the investment.


The Perfect Drawer is a great space-saving feature

Choose the pool table to fit your room:


If space is limited, then you can get a smaller, 7 foot table instead of an 8 or 9 foot one. A smaller table doesn’t change the game of pool. Every pool table, no matter what size it is, is designed with the width of its playfield exactly half the size of its length.


As a result your angles and shots will be the same no matter what size of table you purchase. The only adjustment you will need to make will be in the firmness of your stroke and the degree of error


Choose a table that matches your style:


There are many different styles of pool tables including:




Select a table that reflects the style of your den or games room.


Design your room around your pool table:


A pool table is not only a great source of entertainment, but it can also be a exquisite piece of furniture. With that in mind, consider placing your table in the centre of your room so that it becomes the focal point.




Sterling bar

Don't forget to include a bar cart in your games room

Add a touch of class with functionality to your games room with a beautiful bar. Bars come in a wide variety of styles and sizes from smaller moveable carts to full-sized versions with storage drawers and lockable cabinets.


You can also put up a dart board. It will only take up a small amount of wall space, but it will give you another great game to play with your friends and family. Make sure to select one with a cabinet that matches the style of your pool table.


A game table is also a great addition to your den. If you purchase a 2 in 1 flip table like the Sterling model from Legacy Billiards, you use it for both dining and games. Simply flip the inner circle of the table by moving two easy slide locks.

3. Should you buy a new or used pool table?

It makes more sense to buy a new pool table

Pool tables tend to hold their value, especially well-made ones. For this reason, you will probably find that it makes sense to buy a new one as many used tables will cost almost as much as a new table.


If you buy your table new, you should also get a guarantee with it. That’s something that you won’t get with a used table.


In addition, pool tables can often get damaged when they are moved. 


If it is not done properly, you may find that you won’t have an even playing surface or the move could cause structural damage. The small amount that you might save by buying used will often need to be spent in repairing any damage. 

4. Does quality really matter?

Check that the table you are buying has a slate playing surface

When it comes to pool tables, there can be a big difference in quality. Make sure that you are purchasing a table that has a slate playing surface. Slate will not warp or deteriorate over time like a plywood surface can. A slate bed will also ensure that your balls roll true.


You also want to get a table that has the slate already attached to the frame by the manufacturer. This way the manufacturer will ensure that the playing surface is level and solid and that there are no structural issues with the table itself.


In addition, you should purchase a pool table that has a solid hardwood cabinet and legs. Hardwood will last much longer and will be more durable than other materials such as plywood, soft woods, or plastic.

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