Most Popular Billiard Supplies & Services

If you love to play billiards, here’s a list of billiard supplies that will make your game even more enjoyable. Click on each section to learn about what to look for when purchasing these supplies.

Billiard Supplies


*Pool Cue Racks
*Perfect Drawer
*Ping Pong and Dining Table Tops
*Storage Benches
*Stools and Tables


Billiard Services


*Moving Your Billiard Table -Assembly & Disassembly
*Replacing Pool Table Cloth
*Re-Cushioning Pool Table Bumpers


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Billiards Supplies

Pool Cue Racks

There are many different styles of pool cue racks to choose from. Depending on the amount of space you have, the number of cues you want to store, and the place where you want to keep your rack, here are a few great options.

Floor racks:

Floor pool cue racks are designed to stand up by themselves. The beauty of this type of design is that you can easily move it around from place to place if you don’t like where it is situated. They usually work best up against a wall.

You can choose from a number of different styles that store your balls, chalk, and ball racks. Some are also designed with handy rings to hold your drink glasses while you are playing. It is a good idea to choose one that matches the style and colour of your  pool table.

Wall Racks:

Wall pool cue racks are designed to hand on the wall of your game room. They usually are designed to hug your wall and not stick out too far, taking up less space than traditional floor racks. They can dress up an empty wall while being the perfect spot to hold all your billiard supplies from cues and balls, to chalk and table brushes.

Corner Racks:

If space is limited, but you like the idea of a floor rack, then why not choose a corner style one. Corner pool cue racks neatly fit into any unused corner of your room. When selecting a pool cue rack make sure you get one that is large enough to hold the number of cues and other accessories that you will need and that matches your table.

Perfect Drawer

The Perfect Drawer from Legacy Billiards is a great space-saving accessory

One of the most innovative billiard supplies is an under-the-table storage drawer. The Perfect Drawer from Legacy Billiards is the first and only attachable drawer made for storing all your billiard accessories safely under your billiard table.


It comes in a variety of sizes that will fit virtually any seven, eight, or nine-foot table. It’s very easy to install and you don’t need any special tools to do it. It will hold your billiard balls, racks, brushes, chalk, and more.

Ping Pong and Dining Table Tops

dining table top

A dining table top will make your billiard table multipurpose

To make the most of your billiard table investment, you can purchase one that has an optional ping pong or dining room table top. This is a great idea if you want to not only make your table mult-purpose, but also your room. A ping pong table top gives you a opportunity to use your pool table for another popular game, perfect for the whole family.


Billiard tables such as the Baylor from Legacy Billiards have a gorgeous dining table option that converts your table into a luxury entertaining space.

Storage Benches

A storage bench is another great billiard accessory. You not only can use the bench for discreetly storing your billiard supplies, but it can also double as seating for player waiting for their turn.


The storage bench is can also be used if you have a dining table top for your pool table as seating around your table.

Stools and Tables

Stools and tables are great addition to any game room. They will give you extra seating for your guests and a place where you can enjoy refreshments before, during and after your games.


You can even purchase a flip table that lets you play other games on one side and then you flip to the other side when it is time to eat.

Billiard Services

Moving Your Billiard Table – Assembly & Disassembly


Billiard tables are incredibly heavy, especially high quality ones made from hardwood and slate, and difficult to move. Even though it is expensive to hire a professional to move your pool table, it is well worth the investment. Not only are pool tables heavy, but they are complicated structures.


It is better to have professionals dismantle your table and then re-assemble it for you than to try and move it in one piece. If you try to move it in one piece, you increase your risk of damaging it.

Replacing Pool Table Cloth

practice pool

Replace your cloth if it is negatively affecting your game

How often you need to replace the cloth on your pool table will depend on how often you play. For example, if you play more than four times a week, then you will probably need to replace the cloth about every two to five years. If you notice any of the following, then it is time to get your table re-clothed:


*Your cloth is loose or peeling up
*You notice bunching in places
*You have holes, rips or tears in the cloth
*You have bumps on the cloth


In addition, if you start to notice that your play is being affected, then it may be time to replace the cloth. For example, if your balls are not rolling as easily as they usually do or if they are going in different direction from what you intended.


You also may want to change the the cloth on your table if you are redecorating and the old felt colour no longer matches your new decor.

Re-Cushioning Pool Table Bumpers


Standard billiard table bumpers will need to be replaced about every 12 to 15 years. If you purchase a higher quality table with better bumpers, they could last 25 to 50 years. If your table is exposed to extreme moisture or temperature levels, or if it is misued, then your bumpers may wear out faster.


You will know that it is time for new bumpers if you start to hear the sound of impact of your ball hitting the rail of your table instead of bouncing off the cushion. A high-quality pool table can last a lifetime, but you may need to get its bumpers replaced. This is a billiard service that you can get done for you for a reasonable rate.

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-Laurie Nlssen