Gaming on a Shuffleboard Table

Are you looking to use your shuffleboard table or thinking about getting a new one? In this blog, Associated Billiards will teach you:


1. How to Play the Game of Shuffleboard

2. Details About Different Shuffleboard Table Sizes, Regulations and Functions

3. Details About Purchasing a Shuffleboard Table


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Learn the game of shuffleboard and enjoy it forever!

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Shuffleboard Table Essentials

1. How to play the game of shuffleboard

In this section, we’ll explain the rules of playing a 2-player shuffleboard game.


The Object of the Game:


  • The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 15 points.
  • Each player will try to earn points by sliding their puck furthest down the board without going off into the gutter/alley.
  • Pucks must also cross the second foul line furthest from the starting position and a player may not cross their hand past the first foul line closest to the starting line when taking a shot. If either of these fouls occurs, the puck is removed from the board and the player may not try their shot again.


Getting Started:


1. Each person takes a set of 4 pucks

2. Use a coin toss to decide who starts. The starting player will shoot their puck first. 

3. Players alternate shots each round

4. Players take turns shooting their pucks one at a time. Players may aim for the highest score zone or try to knock their opponent’s pucks off the board.

5. After each round, alternate sides of your shuffleboard to begin a new round from the other side of the board.




1. After each player has a chance to shoot each of their 4 pucks, scoring for the round begins. The player who has a puck furthest in the highest scoring zone is the winner of the round and then is entitled to score points. 

2. The winner will count points only for the pucks that are ahead of the opponent’s pucks. If pucks are tied in their position, the winner doesn’t count the points for those pucks. If a puck is on a line, the player counts the points of the lesser zone.

Bonus: If a puck is hanging off the far end of the board, the winning player gets 4 points instead of 3! Any pucks in the alley/gutter do not count toward points.

3. The winning player adds up their score and is the first to begin the next round. If no one wins in a round, the player who began the last round will begin the next round, too.

4. The first person to reach 15 points wins. If the total score is close, the player must win by 2 points.  


For further reference, watch the video below or check out this guide from

Watch the video to better understand how to play shuffleboard.

2. Details About Different Shuffleboard Table Sizes, Regulations and Functions 

While changes have been made over the years in shuffleboard table sizes, the standard size of a shuffleboard table that you might see in people’s homes is anywhere between 8 to 14 feet long. Smaller boards make play easier. If you are training for a tournament, however, you will need a larger table. The official tournament-sized shuffleboard is 22 feet long by 20 inches wide. Professionals recommend that the wood is 2 – 3 inches thick as a thicker board will last longer.


Keep in mind that you will need some space around your shuffleboard table to make playing comfortable. A space of 3 feet is recommended at each end of the table so players have room to move when sliding their pucks. So, keep in mind your room’s measurements before ordering. 


Also, try to keep your shuffleboard table in a dry place without a lot of sunlight. Moisture can cause warping and sunlight can cause wear. 

The 12-foot outdoor Emory shuffleboard above is made of acacia wood and can be placed outdoors or indoors.

3. Details about  purchasing a shuffleboard table

When purchasing a shuffleboard table, there are a few things you should remember:
  • If you plan on keeping your shuffleboard inside, know the measurements of the room where you will use your shuffleboard table so that you get a table that’s the right size for your room.
  • If you plan on keeping your shuffleboard outdoors, choose a board made from the right kind of wood so that it can withstand the weather.
  • Consider how you’re going to maintain your shuffleboard. Remember that shuffleboard wax must be used on your board before you slide pucks.

  • When you purchase a legacy shuffleboard from Associated Billiards you will get the following items:
  • Climate adjusters
  • Leg levellers
  • 8 coloured pucks
  • Abacus scorer
  • Table brush
  • Shuffleboard wax
    The team can also provide delivery and installation. Associated Billiards serves and delivers within the following areas: Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Fergus, Elora, Orangeville and Erin.

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